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Our team of Designerers and Skilled Workforce has been innovating top class luxury Furniture in Hema Nagar, Boduppal. Be it Wall Papers, Customize Wall Paper, Blinds, Curtains, Artificial Grass, PVC Flooring, we do it all. The length of our combined experience and all of the skills of our craftsmen put together result in our pieces featuring high durability and tasteful visual appeal. Having been doing what we do for more than 15 years, all of our crew members possess a professional skill-set and great taste artistically speaking. This kind of an experience also translates into an incredibly high level of quality of all of our service…



15 years Experience in Teak Wood Furniture and Furnishing makes Vigneshwara Interior the ideal partner to create the Optimal living place, combining taste and practical needs of those who live in it.

Designer concept

Starting from the analysis of the desired interior concept, Vigneshwara Interior will present different possible house interiors proposals.

Reasonable Prices

At the promised quality and timeliness of contract performance, our rates are reasonable & transparent for the services offered.

Interior Expertise

Our forte is not just to deliver a Designer but a place that creates memories and is the epitome of quality & automation.

Our Mission

The modern workplace is complex and makes high demands on flexibility, efficiency and ergonomics, so that your employees have a sense of well-being, keep healthy and can do a good job.
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